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After all, the global growth of football has only made it more difficult to win prizes. With this, the English club qualified for European football again after an absence of twelve years. Before 1860 Fermo was already an independent province, after that it was merged with Ascoli Piceno. In the cup competition, Mertens was important with two goals in four games. The suspicious moments of the manipulated matches were carefully kept out of the picture. Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon is said to have gambled on manipulated matches. As a strong team, the club was invited to play international matches, in Brazil against Flamengo and Botafogo. In 1924/25 the club became authoritarian champion, but failed in the final round due to a draw against Servette and a loss against Bern. After the surprise victory against Germany, the Japan team decided to clean up the dressing room and leave it spotless. Players who did join, on the other hand, had a better chance of a place in the national team. For example, Italian internationals could lose their place in Marcello Lippi's national team.

Marcello Lippi (Viareggio, April 11, 1948) is a former footballer, former club coach and national team manager, which he was in 2006 when he led the Italy national football team to victory at the World Cup in Germany. Brocchi played once for the Italy national football team, in a friendly match against Turkey on November 15, 2006. He had headbutted one of his players after a league game. If players refused, they were intimidated and the board members threatened that the footballers' careers would not look so rosy. Referees, members of the football association, board members of football clubs and even politicians were associated with the affair. Because Luciano Moggi (Monticiano, July 10, 1937), then general manager of Juventus, played the most prominent role in the football scandal and it was actually 'his' system, the affair was also called Moggiopoli by La Gazzetta dello Sport. He turned out to be the linchpin in the affair.

Mainly Swiss but also Slovenian SIM cards were used in the hope that they could not be tapped, but this turned out to be in vain. Sports journalist Giancarlo Galavotti compared the scandal to people who first followed fascism and then suddenly stopped: 'When fascism fell, everyone was more or less at risk because the regime was not able to stay in power for 20 years. Before long, football-mad Italy was under the spell of the biggest scandal Italian football has seen. When it was discovered that Biscardi was involved in the scandal, he resigned from his employer, the commercial channel La7. From 1999 to 2005, he was responsible for the referees in Serie A and Serie B together with Pairetto at the Associazione Italiana Arbitri. From 2002 to 2006, he was also a member of the FIFA referee committee. Moggi's goal was to guarantee a win for La Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady), aka Juventus.

In 2022, De Leeuw was featured as a guest artist at Holland sings Hazes and the AVROTROS Music Festival of the Year. His final sentence is a three-and-a-half-year ban. Later that year he played his second and last international match for that youth team. Despite the age limit of 17 years, players aged 18 were also allowed to play because the age limit only applies at the start of qualifying for the European Championship. However, around the beginning of the 1930s, the "pistiers" disappeared somewhat. Until the early 1990s, the Freethiel was considered a stadium worthy of Europe. In the 1920s, South American countries dominated, especially Uruguay (Olympic champion in 1924 and 1928 and World champion in 1930). In the 1930s, the Austrian "Wunderteam" (wonder team) was considered the very best, although it missed out on the world title twice. A few weeks earlier he had received notice from the court of Naples that the investigations into his involvement in the sporting fraud had been stopped. With the transition to first class in 1967, it was time for a new face on Bevers football. At the end of 2005, Bergamo decided to call it quits at the AIA, he was no longer happy because he said he had to endure too much criticism.

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